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Tyumen Aerosols
Product Range

  • Deta Prof

Is a professional concentrated means (3 in 1) for the protection of people against blood-sucking insects: mosquitoes, gnats, horseflies, mites, fleas, with long term protective action – up to 30 days.

  • Breeze Anti-Mite

A professional acaricidal means for processing of clothes in order to protect people from attacks by ticks – carriers of more than 40 known viral diseases (encephalitis, Lyme disease and etc.).

  • Air Active

Oxygen can, 17 liters – contains a gas mixture for breathing with medical oxygen and noble inert gases. Russian professor Chuchalin said that helium allows us to achieve that the coronavirus load on the patient drops by about 60-70%.  It helps when the artificial lungs ventilation machine is already powerless to help. More recently, the ability of noble gases to initiate the mechanism of cell regeneration was discovered, which opens the way to the treatment of many diseases, faster healing of wounds and fractures, and most importantly – to active longevity.

  • Thermal Water 

Givana is live nutrition for your hair, face and body! Natural antioxidant. Geothermal mineral “live” water “Givana” from the spring with depth 2509 m (one of the deepest in the world). This is the water from the ancient Great sea in which life on Earth began. It moisturizes skin and hair, neutralizes free radicals, possesses natural antioxidant and antibacterial properties (enhanced by the action of silver ions) – slows down the aging process of cells, protects against radiation of UV-rays, tones up, cools and refreshes the skin of face, soothes skin irritation, has wound-healing and anti-inflammatory effect, eliminates itching and softens the skin.

  • Light Lubrication Oil

SMS-5 is a special food-compatible lubricant for coffee machines, tools, parts and equipment of the food industry and harmacology. As well as for knives, blades and other tools used in household and in contact with food.

  • Super Lubricant

LK-1 is a universal water-dispersion (moisture expelling) penetrating lubricant for professional use in more than 40 activities, at a temperature from -50 to + 220

  • Food Compatible Lubricant

SMS-9 for the treatment of fishing line, reels and artificial flies. Odorless and tasteless. Protects fishing gear from friction, freezing and icing, at an operating temperature from – 40 C to 270 C.

  • Hunter

Neutralizer human, weapons and ammunition odor for effective disguise from animals within 48 hours. Sold in 110 ml aerosol package – for secure storage of liquid formulation of the neutralizer, as well as for fast and very comfortable treatment of weapons, clothes, shoes and other ammunition of a hunter. The composition is sprayed under high pressure and penetrates deep into the tissue and other materials of the equipment.