Twisted Wire Brush

Wire Brushes
Aggressive Cleaning & Unblocking

GI Industries offer a range of wire brushes for heavy-duty & aggressive cleaning applications.

Designed for rapid and aggressive cleaning and unblocking of all pipes drains and tubes. Ideal for pipe and drain surface preparation before applying epoxy.

Very Aggressive Cleaning Action

Wire Brushes
Very Aggressive Cleaning & Unblocking Action

GI Industries wire brushes feature wire ends in twisted bundles that help provide excellent strength and very aggressive brushing.  Various options are available for cleaning and remove rust, roots, hard debris and corrosion from all drains and pipes.


This wire brush tool is used in combination or separate pieces depending on the application.

Suitable For

Removing heavy duty debris and roots, to aggressive cleaning of welds and splatter etc.

Twisted Wire Sizes

2 Inch to 6 Inch

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