Small Pipe & Tube Borescopes

Small Pipe Tube Bore Scopes

Probius Non-Contact Laser Systems, Measure Outer Diameter, Inner Diameter, Ovality, Length and Straightness of Welded and Seamless Tubes in Real Time in Your Production Line. We Provide Valuable Information Regarding A Pipe or Tubes, Geometric Shape.

Which Parameters Do You Want To Measure?

Diameter Ovality Length Straightness Surface Defects

F3000 Borescope
3D Measurement
Small Pipes & Tubes

In addition to the very high resolution, the articulating and flexible video-scope delivers a previously unseen imaging and color clarity, live in the 7″ display, which enables the user to identify and spot surface defects and corrosion in a small diameter pipes and tubes, that would have previously been impossible to see.

Identify and Measure
Surface defects.
Cracks and pitting.
Erosion and corrosion of pipes and tubes.
Everything larger than 0.001 can be measured.

Joystick Controls
Get full and intuitive control of the video-probe with this easy-to-use and precise joystick.
With a full 360° articulation and a 190° bending angle.

Camera Heads
3.9 mm Camera – Probe 1.5 mtr
6 mm Camera – Probe 3 mtr

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