Spin Grit Boiler Tube Brushes

Spin Grit Boiler Tube Brushes

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SGB 400 Series
Spin Grit Brushes

GI Spin Grit Brushes are for use in internally enhanced tubes. This abrasive brush has a tapered trim and is made oversized so it bends over ensuring maximum contact, the short bristles are able to get into the grooves.

Size of Brushes
From: 1/2 inch to 1 inch as standard.
From: 12 mm to 25mm.

Used For
For All Firetube or Watertube Boilers. Recommended for removing soft and light scale deposits in straight, ferrous and non-ferrous tubes. This brush’s abrasive impregnated nylon bristles clean and polish tubes in one step. Unlike regular spiral brushes the Spin-Grit brush is designed to be oversized in the tube so the bristles lay over, putting the brush in contact with the tube wall.