Sintered Diamond 7 Inch

Sintered Diamond 7 Inch


SDTD7 7 Inch
Sintered Diamond Tooling
Shipping Weight: 0.700 grams
& Center Plug

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GI Industries Sintered Diamond Tools are “impregnated” with diamonds. This means that selected diamonds are mixed and sintered with specific metal alloys to achieve the best cutting and grinding performance possible for concrete removal.

Air or Water Flushing
Air: The option to connect an air hose to our system, and blow the debris down the pipe as you clean it.
Water: The ability to connect a water hose with hot or cold water and flush the debris down the pipe keeping the shaft lubricated and the brush head free of all rubbish.

Suitable for
For removing heavy duty debris and roots, to aggressive cleaning of concrete and other building materials.

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Weight 0.700 kg


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