Caliber 9 mm
Flex Hone 320 Grit
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Polishing A Bore The Easy Way

While using the Flex-Hone is quick and simple, there are a few points you need to keep in mind. First, the Flex-Hone will not remove deep pits.

Pitting & Corrosion
Using the silicon carbide brushes will remove all your barrel imperfections including Pitting and Rust.

Pro-activity Prevents Pitting
The best way to handle the effects of pitting? Don’t let it happen in the first place! Use a GI Barrel Bore Cleaning Systems.

Using a GI 320 Grit Silicon Carbide Brush, will remove all your barrel imperfections, polish your barrel like new. Chemicals or Solvents are No Good in these situations, All you will do is spend money and waste valuable time.

Thread Male 8-32

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