Pressure Washer & Jetters

Pressure Washer & Jetters

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At GI Industries we understand Pressure Washers and Jetter systems, we also pay a lot of attention to detail, identify and build the best pressure washing accessories on the market, because the right accessory or system can make your job easier and more efficient. Our high pressure cleaning system keeps your home or business looking it’s best all year.

Power Washer’s For
Aircraft Waste Line Cleaning / Hydro Jetting and Water Lancing / Desalination Cleaning Systems / Marine Pressure Washing Systems.

Suitable For
Exterior brickwork, Driveway & decking, Residential and commercial properties. Graffiti Removal. Brickwork cleaning. Decking cleaning etc.

Top quality
Long lifespan
Easy to operate
Value for money.
Continuous innovation
Designed to clean more sizes of drains.
If you don’t see what you are looking for, please call or email to discuss your requirements.