Inspection Camera Borescopes

Inspection Camera Borescopes

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Bore Scopes & Laser Inspection
Inspection & Analysis

Need a bore-scope camera for your inspection?. GI Industries remote visual inspection and video-scopes systems are designed to meet the demands of the modern industrial inspection environment.

  • Infra Red Series
    Illuminate The Dark.
  • Hi Resolution
    Outstanding picture quality @ 3200 × 1800 pixels.
  • Pipe Alignment
    Aligns One Pipe With Another One at a Distance of 120 Metres.
  • Handheld Scanner
    Non-Contact Scanning and Measuring the Inner Diameter of Pipes.
  • Pipe Measurement and Inspection System
    The System Measures Various Parameters of Smooth and Profiled Pipes.
  • Pipe Inspection 2020
    80-140 mm System For All Pipes. Laser Scanner, Straightness Sensor and HD Video Camera Onboard.