Duct Cleaning Brush (400 & 500 FS Shaft)

Duct Cleaning Brush (400 & 500 FS Shaft)

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DCB Series
Duct & HVAC Cleaning Brushes

GI Industries manufacture and offer a full line of duct cleaning brushes and brush systems for the cleaning of all types of duct work.
We offer a full range for both residential and commercial applications.

This remarkable brush is made of soft nylon fibers that gently wipes duct work without damaging walls.  These brushes are single strand bristles which will not get caught on sheet metal screws or duct flanges.

All our brushes are designed for thorough source removal of all Dust and Debris. Round, square and rectangular shapes in stock.
Larger brushes have more density and stiffer filament for aggressive cleaning on duct surfaces.

Suitable For
For All Hvac / Ducts / Communication Vents etc