Duct Cleaning Brush (300 & 400 FS Shaft)

Duct Cleaning Brush (300 & 400 FS Shaft)

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GI are a USA based manufacturer of a wide range of Industrial & Commercial Brushes.
A duct cleaning brush will knock loose dust, mold, bacteria and fungi that are sticking to the sidewalls so your vacuum or air system can scoop them up.

An industrial brush from GI Industries helps your HVAC system run smoothly and efficiently. Find an AC brush, furnace vent brush, tube brush or refrigerator coil brush. A tube brush for unclogging and cleaning air ducts, an air conditioning brush.

You can tackle all Ducting:- Dryer vents are usually 4 inches, Feeder trunks are from 4 / 6 or 8 inches, Main trunk up to 12 x 24 inches

You Can Clean All These
Galvanized steel. Aluminum, Polyurethane and phenolic, Pre-insulated air ducts, Fiberglass duct board, Non-metallic duct-work, Flexible ducting & Fabric ducting.