Cal 30 mm
120 Grit & Brass
Cleaning Brush
All Rifled barrels & Cannons etc
Shipping Weight: 0.325 grams

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GI Industries have adapted our Cleaning Smooth Bore Brush and fitted it with solid brass segment that cleans right down into the Grooves, for all Rifled Barrels and Cannons etc.

This means you get the Dual Action cleaning, for both lans and grooves part of the barrel.

The (CRB) Cleaning Rifled Barrel Brush is a resilient flexible brush with a soft action. Its unique construction allows the abrasive balls or stones to float assuring the brush will be self-aligning and self-centering to the tank or artillery bore and self-compensating for wear. The brass segment allows for deep penetration and cleaning into the lans all without harming the barrel.

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Weight .325 kg


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