Concrete Removal Tool

Concrete Removal Tool

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Diamond Tipped
Bi-Directional Cleaning
Concrete & Solid Debris

Even a simple blocked drain becomes much more challenging when concrete cutting is involved. GI Industries innovation no-dig options, you could utilize the power of our Bi-Directional diamond tipped concrete removal tools.

This tool can be adapted to have various tools on the front, Wire brush, Reinstatement tool etc.

Suitable for
For removing heavy duty debris and roots, to aggressive cleaning of  concrete and other building materials.

Air or Water Flushing
Air: The option to connect an air hose to our system, and blow the debris down the pipe as you clean it.
Water: The ability to connect a water hose with hot or cold water and flush the debris down the pipe keeping the shaft lubricated and the brush head free of all rubbish.