Boiler Chiller Tube Bushes

Boiler Chiller Tube Bushes

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Firetube or Watertubes
Cleaning & Polishing Brushes

GI are a USA based manufacturer of a wide range of Industrial & Commercial Brushes.
With GI Industries you can find Brushes designed for various heating system applications including Boiler Tube, Flue, Chimney, and Tube Cleaning.
Our High quality Boiler Tube Cleaning Brushes available in Single Spiral, Double Spiral and Nylon. Perfect for ensuring that boiler tubes are kept clean and efficient.

Tube Brushes
Tube Cleaner Grit Brushes 7/16″-5/8″ are durable, high-performance tube cleaning brushes and designed for cleaning light to heavy debris from all Watertubes and Firetubes.

Chiller Brushes
High performance nylon covered shaft allows deep cleaning of smooth bore chiller and heat exchanger tubes, leaving them debris free and in peak condition.