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Probius Measurement-Inspection-Analysis

Probius Non-Contact Laser Systems, Measure Outer Diameter, Inner Diameter, Ovality, Length and Straightness of Welded and Seamless Tubes in Real Time in Your Production Line. We Provide Valuable Information Regarding A Pipe or Tubes, Geometric Shape.

Which Parameters Do You Want To Measure?

Diameter Ovality Length Straightness Surface Defects

Probius Ultimate
Pipe Measurement & Inspection System


Complete Pipe Measurement and Inspection System. The system measures various parameters of smooth and profiled pipes.
The system is able to measure pipes with inner diameters from 55 mm to 300 mm. Pipe length is up to 100 mtrs.

System Parameters

  • Ovality
  • Inner diameter
  • Out-of-roundness
  • Profile height/width
  • Non-straightness (warpage)
  • Custom-made configurations are available
DTC-PIOS 120  55 200
Int Diameter mm From 100 to 150 From 55 to 100 From 150 to 300
Length mtrs Up To 100 Up To 100 Up To 100
Video Inspection 2 cameras: front & side 1 front camera 2 cameras: front & side
View Angle 180° with distortion compensation 180° with distortion compensation 180° with distortion compensation
Scanning Principle Rotating laser Permanent scanning Rotating laser Permanent scanning Rotating 2D scanner Permanent scanning
Probe Movement By Rod/Self-moving By Rod/Self-moving By Rod/Self-moving
Data Transfer Wireless Wireless Wireless
Battery Lifetime More than 8 hours More than 8 hours More than 8 hours
Parameter Accuracy
Inner Diameter mm ±0.01mm
Out of Roundness mm ±0.01mm
Ovality mm ±0.01mm
Profile Dimensions
Profile Height mm ±0.01mm
Profile Width mm ±0.05mm
New Feature
Laser Alignment Now Available
Profiling and Rifling Measurements
Step Height Yes
Width Yes
Spherical Radius Yes
Angles Yes
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