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127C 3000P 3000G Hepa Vac Bore Camera Mil Shafts

Official US Army Testing

GI Official Testing & Evaluation
Weapons and Materials Research Directorate, Army Research Laboratory (ARL)

Solvent-less Bore Cleaning System for the M256 Tank Cannon Carried out by the Army Research Laboratory at Aberdeen Proving Ground,

This report describes a new solvent-less bore cleaning technique by GI Industries, which uses silicon-carbide grit impregnated on a nylon bristle brush to clean the bore in roughly 1/3 the time, with half the personnel, using less expendables, at 1/4 the cost.

Testing Shows: That the new cleaning method does not damage the chrome plating nor the metal substrate where chrome is missing as a result of firing-induced damage.

Military Clearance: The US Army Granted GI Industries official military approval Sept 2006
Official Supplier: General Dynamics

GI Bore Cleaning System has undergone the most thorough testing and evaluation process and passed with flying colours. Why would you trust anything else !

An Abrams Tank M1A2 costs around US$8.92 Million. Why would you use anything untested, to clean the most important part; The Barrel !

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GI Industries Official US Army Testing Results