Military Lubricants MILSPEC

Military Lubricants

Mil Spec & NSN Standard
Mil Spec CLP – Light Weapon Oils – Mil Degreasers – Multi Purpose Oils

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Military Lubricants

Improved Mil Spec CLP Advanced Mil Spec CLP Mil Solvent Degreaser Light Weapon Oil Multi Lubricant
Item Description Specification Benefits
IMS Improved Mil Spec CLP Exceeds Mil PRF-63460E Improved Lubrication
AMS Advanced Mil Spec CLP Exceeds Mil PRF-63460E Nano Technology
MGS Military Grade Solvent & Degreaser NATO Code 6850 17 116 8736 Multi Purpose Cleaner and Degreaser
LWO Light Weapon Oil Suitable Weapons up to 20mm Contains Polymeric Film Properties
MPL Multi-Purpose Lubricant Operating Temp -50°C Conforms NSF K1, K3 Reg No 140150