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Barrel & Bore Systems

In 2005 GI Industries were asked by the US Military to manufacturer & introduce a one man operation, easy to use, Bore Cleaning System, for the Abrams Tank M1 & M2.

Our Barrel & Bore Cleaning systems expertise are built on decades of high-quality manufacturing, innovative design and advanced research and development capabilities to provide our customers with the “Best Value” combat barrel cleaning solutions available today.

Official US Army Testing
For official testing by US Army please look here US Military.

Military Specification
Mil Spec CLP  Mil PRF – 63460E.
USA National Stock Number: 101 501 565 0243.
All GI shafts & brushes attach with screw threaded fitting, Safe & Secure with lock nut.
Superior quality, Military standard components assured for long, trouble-free operation and simplified spare parts.

Waterproof Connections
Formulated using nanotechnology
Protection against water damage, moisture and extreme weather conditions.
Moisture protection coating that effectively protects electric and electronic devices.  

Defence & Aerospace Industry
If it has a barrel or bore, GI Industries can clean it.
Superior Barrel Cleaning For: M82 / M107 / .50 BMG / M2 type barrels.

Fully Adaptable
GI Provides The Complete Cleaning System for all Military Barrels and Bores.
Cleans all Barrels from 5.56mm to 240 mm.
No Chemicals Required.