Military Storage Case Mil Std 810G

Military Storage Case

For GI 3000 Series
Storage & Transport Cases

GI 3000P
Mil Spec Case

GBC 500 Case

GI storage cases are molded plastic containers that seal with an airtight and watertight gasket. GI storage cases include a barometric relief valve made of Gore-Tex to prevent pressure damage to the case, during transportation or when the air pressure in the environment changes.

GI storage cases meet standards for waterproofing, stacking, impact, and durability including MIL-STD C4150-J for waterproofing, IEC IP67 rating indicating complete sealing against dust and water immersion to 1 meter, as well as ATA 300 rating indicating compliance with Air Transport Association standards for durability in shipping.


  1. GBC 500M For GI 3000P Machine Only.
  2. GBC 500S For Full System. Includes GI 3000P / Shafts / Selection of Brushes.
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Data Sheet Modified Storage Case Full System
Data Sheet Modified Storage Case Machine Only

Mil Spec Case

GBC 500M (Machine) GBC 500S (System) Black & OD Green Free Military Quote 

GI 3000G
Depot System Storage Case

Depot Storage Case

Timber cases or wooden boxes that are fully enclosed. We custom make all our cases from either Softwood, Plywood or a combination of both. Portable fitted with floor caster wheels.


  1. GI 3000G Depot System, Includes GI 3000G / Shafts / Selection of Brushes.

Wooden Case

GBC 500W Wooden Case Top Draw Shipped 2 Per Pallet Free Military Quote