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At GI Industries we understand Pressure Washers and Jetter systems, we also pay a lot of attention to detail, identify and build the best pressure washing accessories on the market, because the right accessory or system can make your job easier and more efficient. We know your time is valuable and time waits for no one.

We are a world class manufacturer of pressure washers and accessories. Our machines are manufactured and assembled with quality US Components. Our goal is to make premium quality machines and parts that you can rely on time and time again.

EPW 1500 Compact Washer –1 00 to 1450 psi PW 1600 Kitchen Ductwork – 100 to 1450 psi
HPW 1000 Hot Water Washer – 1000 psi
HPW 4000 Hi Power Washer – 3625 psi
DSJ 5000 Jetter Drain Sewer – 5075 psi
Customization Projects

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Pressure Washer & Jetters

EPW 1500
Compact Pressure Washers

Say goodbye to your garden hose and hello to the future, The EPW 1500 pressure washer from GI Industries. This lightweight, compact electric pressure washer delivers more than 30 times as much pressure as your garden hose, making it the perfect tool for keeping your sidewalk, patio, driveway and deck clean of dirt and mud. A lot quieter than a gasoline pressure washer.

Attach the Fast Water Injected Sandblasting adapter, to easily clean a wide variety of surfaces including all Hard Grime, Dirt and Graffiti.

Ideally suited for
HVAC Coils / Drains / Sidewalks / Machinery / Condos /Townhouses / Urban Neighborhoods

Description of EPW 1500
The EPW 1500 is our compact pressure washer. This unit has variable pressure control (100-1450psi.) and 2.2 gpm. for quick efficient cleaning. Two multi-spray nozzles extensions, one straight and one 90° right angle for cleaning heavy-duty dirt indoors and out.

Item Product
Data Sheet EPW 1500

EPW 1600
Pressure Washer Kitchen

GI Industries EPW 1600 cold water pressure washer yields professional cleaning results, thank to its high quality components and high pressure and flow rating. The easy-press trigger gun features an anti fatigue design, allowing for comfortable sustained use, ideal for commercial kitchen use.

This professional pressure washer has all the features you need to achieve incredible cleaning results, for all your Kitchen / Restaurant requirements.

Ideally suited for
The EPW 1600 will have enough power to handle restaurant messes. … solidified grease in kitchen environments, Suited for professional cleaners who clean restaurants and kitchens for a living etc.

Item Product
Data Sheet EPW 1600

HPW 1000
Hot Water Pressure Washer

Sometimes, pressurized water alone isn’t enough to get rid of heavy dirt from industrial equipment operating under extreme conditions. Fortunately, we have an extremely effective solution for such situations.

Our HPW 1000 pressure washer combines high heat with high flow and high pressure to restore clean operating conditions to all your heavy industrial machinery. The on-board Beckett diesel burner is the secret to scorching water temperatures that will give you sparkling results in very little time.

Ideally suited for
GI Industries HPW 1000 Pressure Washer ideally suited for Business & Industrial, Cleaning & Janitorial Supplies, Heavy duty work.

Item Product
Data Sheet HPW 1000

HPW 4000
Hi Power Pressure Washer

The HPW 4000 is a petrol powered pressure washer powered by a 13hp, 4-stroke engine, which provides a maximum output of 3625psi / 250bar bar. With 4.76 gpm or 18 lpm flow rate. This pressure washer is built for the toughest of cleaning tasks.

Weighing 50 kg, the HPW 4000 is easy to transport from one job to the next, which is essential for professional cleaners, and it’s also equipped with a heavy-duty, (BM) pump is perfect for constant hard work and reliable performance.

For longer hoses, 15 mtr / 20 mtr or 25 mtr.
Also has the ability to fold handle down for easy storage and transportation.
With adjustable pressure this is a truly multi tasking Hi Power Pressure Washer.

Ideally suited for
This Hi Power petrol pressure washer model is devoured by cleaning professionals and used in Industrial, Agricultural and Commercial Environments.
Suitable For:- Automotive / Driveways / Exterior Paintwork / Fencing / Guttering / Paving / Patios / Wooden Decking / Stonework etc

Item Product
Data Sheet HPJ 4000

DSJ 5000
Drain Sewer Jetter

GI Industries DSJ 5000 portable Drain Sewer Jetter gives you 4350psi Working pressure and Maximum pressure 5075psi to handle large commercial and industrial applications. This jetter propels a highly flexible and lightweight hose through 2″ to 10″ lines – blasting through sludge, soap, grease and sediment blockages. As you pull the hose back, it power scrubs the line flushing debris away and restoring drain lines to their full, free-flowing capacity – all without the use of harmful chemicals.

This has a sturdy and strong 20HP 4 stroke OHV gasoline engine.

The DSJ 5000 has 18.0 GPM) per minute flow rate. The DSJ 5000 High Pressure Cleaner is undoubtedly the class leading model with unrivaled power and features.

Ideally suited for
Industrial Cleaning, Paint Removal, Construction & Building, Concrete Removal, Boat Cleaning, Farming, Surface Preparation & Drain Jetting.

Item Product
Data Sheet DSJ 5000

Aircraft Waste Line Cleaning
GI Industries pressure washer and a jetter system for waste line system cleaning, Our systems are totally adaptable, Suitable for any modern commercial airplane flying today.

Ideally suited for working in the Heavy Maintenance Ctr (HMC) when plane goes in for an overall and revamp, or in an emergency sited at the ramp, Our systems are totally Adaptable, Efficient and Effective.

Desalination Cleaning Systems
Our Desalination Cleaning Systems are portable and run on various power options. Saving you money on potential costly repairs and unnecessary maintenance. Please call or email to discuss your requirements.

Marine Pressure Washing Systems
In the marine cruising environment, keeping the deck clean is often a challenge. Ships and boats catch some of the most ardent stains, grime and fungal outgrowths in their years of service. One easy way to get rid of these dirty stains is to use a pressure washer.

Boats that have been exposed to the elements for too long tend to lose their shine and appeal but when cleaned properly they tend to regain their beauty. Moreover, regular cleaning helps save money and time in the long run.

Special Customisation Work
If you don’t see what you are looking for, please call or email to discuss your requirements.