Inspection Camera Borescopes

Bore Scopes & 3D Laser

GI Optical Non-Contact Laser Systems, Measure Outer Diameter, Inner Diameter, Ovality, Length and Straightness of Welded and Seamless Tubes in Real Time in Your Production Line. We Provide Valuable Information Regarding A Pipe or Tubes, Geometric Shape.

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Optical Non-Contact Measurement
Laser Measurement Sensors & Systems

Other Electronic Systems We Offer

  • Laser, LED, other optical, measurement and other instruments and systems.
  • Contact and noncontact inspection of all kinds of geometry with the help of optical/laser etc sensors.
  • Bench-test equipment (benches, devices, etc).
  • Controlled power supply and generators.

We modernize processing units, machines and other mechanisms with the implementation of incoming and final inspection.

  1. Fully Automated Optical Measurement System For 3D Inspection of Railway Wheels in Hot 1100 C Condition.
  2. Systems for Cable Diameter Control.
  3. System for Test Bench ENGA SIL 02 01 For Hydraulic Dampers of Rail Rolling Stock Test.
  4. System for Stator Geometry and Profile Measuring Instruments.
  5. 3D Laser Scanner for Scanning of Springs in Loaded and Unloaded Condition.
  6. System for Measuring the Geometry and Profile of Shafts and Rotors.
  7. Systems for Measurement Optical Flat Objects Geometry.
  8. Systems for Measurement Outer Diameter and Roundness.
  9. The Instrument for Laser Inspection of Tubes Bars and Small Diameter Barrels Straightness.
  10. System for Sheet Rolled Articles Thickness and Profile Inspection.
  11. Systems for Metrology Laboratory.
  12. 3D Laser Scanners.
  13. Measuring the Thickness of The Transparent Polymer Film Silicate or Organic Glass.
  14. Precision Measuring System for Measuring the Diameter Wall Thickness and Straightness of Thin Walled Pipes.