Infra Red Borescopes

Infra Red Bore Scopes
Illuminate The Dark

GI Industries Infrared Video Borescopes can illuminate a dark area or room with IR light, which is undetectable to the human eye.

Which Parameters Do You Want To Measure?

Diameter Ovality Length Straightness Surface Defects

Infra Red Series
Illuminate The Dark

IR 2000: No Video Capture Option
IR 3000: Has Video Capture Option

IR 2000 / 3000 Series

The IR Series Infra Bore Scope Bore is a small battery operated High Resolution camera system is waterproof and excellent for Little or No Light Areas. Our High Resolution camera is infra red and will illuminate in total darkness making it easier for you to inspect day or Night.

The IR Series sets a new standard of excellence in quality at very reasonable prices.Camera delivers sharp, bright video and still images. Inspection video and still images can be viewed “live,” and captured!

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Data Sheet IR 2000 Infra Red
Data Sheet IR 3000 Infra Red
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