Hygienic & Food Safe Brushes

Hygienic Brushes
Food & Drinks Industry

Extremely high standards of hygiene are vital for companies that produce or process food or drink intended for human consumption. In most countries, the standards of hygiene demanded for pet food manufacture are also extremely high. A wide range of other industrial processes also require hygienic (often referred to as ‘sanitary’) conditions.

Industries We Operate In
Beer Wine Spirits, Food, Meat Processing Beauty & Personal Care, Confectionery, Paints & Coating, Soft Drinks, Pet Foods.

Various Pipeline Diameters
Typically we work with pipeline diameters of between 12.7 mm to 18 inches as standard.  Although there are some exceptions depending on the requirements, we can clean pipe diameters up to 24 inches.

Stiff Nylon Brush

NHB Series
Hygienic Nylon Brushes

To obtain hygienic or sanitary conditions, the pipelines or tubing needs to be flushed out, disinfected and sterilised. This is usually performed as a ‘Clean In Place’ or ‘CIP’ process (it’s called ‘clean in place’ because none of the machinery or pipework needs to be removed or dismantled for cleaning, i.e. it stays in place).

Suitable For

For all Pipes In The Hygiene Industry. Our hygiene brushes come in various styles:

Soft Bristles

Are longer and thinner, suitable for removing fine particles

Medium Bristles

Suitable for wet and dry applications; ideal for removing larger particles.

Stiff Bristles

Are shorter or thicker; perfect for scrubbing stubborn debris and for wet use with cleaning agents.

Size of Brushes

From: 2 Inch to 8 Inch.
From: 50 mm to 200.

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