High Speed Flexible Shafts – Series 200

High Speed Flexible Shaft
For Drain Pipe & Sewer Cleaning
Navigate 45° & 90° Bends – From 10 ft to 150 ft

GI High Speed Flexible Shafts For All Pipe Drain Sewer Cleaning. Designed For The Rapid Cleaning And Removal Of Hard Deposits In All Drainage Pipes Up To 450 mm / 18 Inches As Standard.

FS 200 Shafts Working Specifications

Navigate Pipe Bends

GI FS Shafts Navigates 45 & 90 Degree Bends

Air or Water Flushing

GI FS Shafts With Air Water Flushing

BiDirectional Cleaning

GI FS Shafts BiDirectional Cleaning

Navigate Multi Bends

GI FS Shafts Navigates Multi Offset Degree Bends

From 25 ft to 45 ft

GI Fex Shafts Clean 10 ft to 150 ft

Dia 7/16 to 1/2 Inch

GI Pipe Diameters

FS 200 Shafts
General Purpose Shafts

Flexible Shaft 200 Series
From: 7/16 to 1/2 Inch
From 11.1 to 12.7 mm
Up to DN15

With A GI Flexible Shaft, No Set Screw To Lose, Bi-Directional Cable Cleans Forward & Reverse Rotation, No More Tools Failing In Pipes Or Drains.

Item Feet  Mtrs Online Store
FS 225 25 7.6
FS 235 35 10.7
FS 245 45 13.7
Item Product Description PDF
Data Sheet FS 200 Flexible Shaft
Core O.D
Casing O.D Core O.D Metric Casing O.D Metric
1/4″ 3/8″ 6.35 mm 9.52 mm

Chemical Injector

Item Injector Online Store