High Speed Flexible Shafts – Repair Kit

High Speed Flexible Shaft
Repair Kit & Monthly Maintenance

GI High Speed Flexible Shafts For All Pipe Drain Sewer Cleaning. Designed For The Rapid Cleaning And Removal Of Hard Deposits In All Drainage Pipes Up To 450 mm / 18 Inches As Standard.

Navigate Pipe Bends

GI FS Shafts Navigates 45 & 90 Degree Bends

Air or Water Flushing

GI FS Shafts With Air Water Flushing

BiDirectional Cleaning

GI FS Shafts BiDirectional Cleaning

Navigate Multi Bends

GI FS Shafts Navigates Multi Offset Degree Bends

From 10 ft to 150 ft

GI Fex Shafts Clean 10 ft to 150 ft

Dia 1/2 In to 18 In

GI Pipe Diameters

FS Shaft Lube Kit
Shaft Maintenance

All Shafts Monthly Lubrication

Flexible shafts are a very important part of your tube cleaning system. With proper maintenance and care, shafts can handle a lot of work and last a long time.

In the tool kit are replacement parts, proper maintenance and lubrication will keep your GI Flexible shaft in good working condition.

Once a month lubricate your GI Shaft with the lubricant provided in the tool kit.

1 x Shaft Lubricator
4 x Shaft Lubricant (16oz)

Proper maintenance will extend the life of your shaft.
The shaft is coated with a lubricant which will repel water and reduce the build-up of rust.

As with any mechanical device, you must take certain steps ensure it is in good operating condition.

Item Lube Kit Product Monthly PDF
Monthly Lubrication Shaft Maintenance

Flexible Shaft Repair Nylon Casing Section

Shaft Repair Sections
1 mtr Pieces

These are used for situations where you have melted the orange nylon shaft.
You can easily remove the melted part, and place the new section over the bare metal core.
You can use heat gun to melt the black ends into place. or use the epoxy provided.

Item Shaft Kit Item damaged Section Item Application Basic Instructions
  1. Remove melted section
  2. Trim nylon case, neat
  3. Remove coupling
  4. Slide new section over
  5. Make sure it covers core
  6. Heat-shrink black ends
  7. Or use epoxy
  8. Replace coupling
  9. Use after curing period (Epoxy)
  10. Heat shrink use straightaway

FS Repair Kit
Shaft Quick Repair Kit

GI Industries Quick Repair Tool Set, let’s you quickly repair broken Shafts in the field.

The unique Quick Repair Tool Set, let’s you continue working and finish the job without having to go back to your shop to repair or replace a broken cable.

Suitable For

The Quick Repair will work on all GI FS Flexible Shafts. Include everything needed to repair your flexible shafts, in case of accidents onsite.

Flexible Shaft Repair Drive Coupling Section

FS Shaft Series Contains Used For  PDF
4 x Drive Coupling Replace Drive Coupling
4 x Tool Coupling Replace Tool Coupling
1 x Crimping Block Shorten The Shaft