High Pressure Hot Water Pressure Washer

High Pressure Hot Water
High Heat With High Flow

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Hot Water 3500 Psi

HPW 3500
Hot Water Pressure Washer

Sometimes, pressurized water alone isn’t enough to get rid of heavy dirt from industrial equipment operating under extreme conditions. Fortunately, we have an extremely effective solution for such situations.

Our HPW 3500 pressure washer combines high heat with high flow and high pressure to restore clean operating conditions to all your heavy industrial machinery.

The on-board Beckett diesel burner is the secret to scorching water temperatures that will give you sparkling results in very little time.

Ideally Suited For

GI Industries HPW 3500 Pressure Washer ideally suited for Business & Industrial, Cleaning & Janitorial Supplies, Heavy duty work.


11 HP Engine: Reliable
Pressure: 3500 Psi
GPM: 3.8 GPM

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