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High Pressure Electric
Compact Pressure Washer

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Electric Compact Washer

EPW 1500
Compact Pressure Washers

The EPW 1500 is our compact pressure washer. This unit has variable pressure control (100-1450psi.) and 2.2 gpm. for quick efficient cleaning. Two multi-spray nozzles extensions, one straight and one 90° right angle for cleaning heavy-duty dirt indoors and out.

Say goodbye to your garden hose and hello to the future, The EPW 1500 pressure washer from GI Industries. This lightweight, compact electric pressure washer delivers more than 30 times as much pressure as your garden hose, making it the perfect tool for keeping your sidewalk, patio, driveway and deck clean of dirt and mud. A lot quieter than a gasoline pressure washer.

Attach the Fast Water Injected Sandblasting adapter, to easily clean a wide variety of surfaces including all Hard Grime, Dirt and Graffiti.

Ideally Suited For

HVAC Coils / Drains / Sidewalks / Machinery / Condos /Townhouses / Urban Neighborhoods.

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