Gun Barrel Copper Solutions

Gun Barrel Copper Solutions

Using the right equipment will save you time and valuable manpower. At GI Industries, we don’t use Chemicals or Copper liquids to clean the barrel or bore.  There are No Magic Chemicals that will clean military barrel or bores.

The first tests that were carried out on Barrel Copper Solutions was documented by The Rifle Store in the UK. Around (2000- 2001).


Outdated and Expensive

Most of the current barrel cleaning systems available today, (traditional cleaning systems) these systems require the use of High Priced Solvents, and require ongoing yearly orders. This option is expensive and out dated.

Technology has moved forward, there are more Eco Friendly and Greener Technologies available.
GI Industries are the Leading Barrel & Bore Cleaning Company in this new advanced technology.

Safe for the operator, Good for the environment and Cost effective for the end user.

GI Industries Barrel & Bore Cleaning System, Do not require any chemicals or solvents for cleaning. In effect, chemicals do not achieve any cleaning, rather it is the brush which actually does the cleaning.


There are two known methods for removing firing residue / copper fouling from barrels and bores

1. Etching Method 

Etching is the method where you use chemicals or copper removers and this solution physically dissolves the copper from the barrel. In all my years in working with weapons and chemicals, I have yet to see a SAFE or BIO-FRIENDLY chemical or copper solution that will actually remove any copper fouling from a barrel or bore as advertised. (Without The Use of a Brush!)

2. Mechanical Method

Mechanical Is the process of removing a substance by a mechanical method, in this situation I am referring to a brushing action.  Where you use a brush to remove the copper or firing residue by the repeated motion of the brush going up and down the barrel in a spinning action. The wear of the brush removes the layer of copper on the actual barrel or bore surface.

Diamond Dust

Diamond dust in Your Barrel, like the formation of a diamond, heat and pressure can transform carbon fouling into a ceramic layer that is difficult to remove. So don’t be misled into thinking magical solvents will remove this problem. Bio-friendly or Natural chemical solvents will not remove this carbon or copper fouling.

In a .50 caliber barrel you have the carbon ring, Using copper solutions will not remove this problem. With a GI Industries Small Arms Cleaning Brush, you can clean a .50 cal barrel in under 2 minutes.

Bio-Friendly Copper Removers or Cleaning Foam

I am no expert in chemicals, but the only chemicals I know, that can physically remove copper, are two forms of cyanide working together.
Hydrocyanic Acid, Sodium Salt CAS # 143-33-9
m-Nitrobenzene Sulfonic acid, Sodium Salt CAS #127-68-4

Cyanide Solution

Here you can see the Barnes Bullet Before and After using the  cyanide solution working.


Over a 24 hour period by soaking the bullet in the solution, it removed over 9.5 grams of copper.

Here you can see the other top 16 copper cleaners and how well they preformed.


It does not matter whether it is a Foam, Liquid, Bio-friendly or an Ammonia  Based Solution. When it comes to copper fouling these liquids do not work.


Item Product  Description PDF 
Information Sheet Copper Solutions Results
Rifled Barrels

With rifled barrel barrels the most import part of the cleaning is to ensure the LANs are clean, this is where the round will be touching the barrel, and the grooves are mainly used to vent escaping gases once the round has been fired. See Picture.


How many of These Points Concern You Now?

Extra Costs
Spare parts are dearer
Bulk purchase of chemicals
Maintenance costs are expensive
Chemical systems are an expensive initial purchase
Electronics are sensitive items, so repair costs dearer and more frequent

Chemical Problems

Additional storage room required
Storage compatibility issues, hazardous or not
Additional disposal cost for used chemicals and oils
Chemicals requires transportation to be moved around
Chemical or spills potential bio hazard, more costs and manpower to clean up

Chemical / Electronic Systems

Set up times are longer
Must be handled with care
Electronics require careful handling
They requires supervision when working
Multiply systems are required for various calibres
In my opinion copper cleaning chemicals do not work as advertised, just more costs, repeat chemical sales

Remember demonstrations on the parade ground are not the same as being in the field on on exercise.
Once sensitive bore cleaning electronic systems are damaged or faulty, They tend to be be Nice Paperweights.

Initial Purchase

The cost of GI Barrel and Bore System, is more cost effective, compared to traditional automated chemical bore cleaning machines.

BLR - "Beyond Local Repair

Beyond Repair

Non weapon equipment and weapon related ancillaries such as Cleaning systems, which were deemed as not worthy or cost effective of being rebuilt, could be condemned by the Senior Armourer at a Unit and scrapped. These items were sentenced ‘Beyond Repair’ or ‘BR’.