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Cleaning Machines & Systems

GI Industries

Inserting Large Bore System Into T72 Tank Barrel

GI Industries

Large Bore 155 mm Inspection

GI Industries

Medium Rifled Barrel Inspection

GI Industries

57 mm Barrel System

TCM 5001
Training Brazil 2019

TCM 5001
System Brazil 2019

Pipe Drain Inspection System
PDIS 8001 Camera

Cleaning Steel Pipe 100 mm

With TCM 3000 Little Wizard and SAB 400 120 Grit

Ducting & Galley Cleaning

Methanex Chemical Plant Egypt

TCM 2000 Heavy Duty System / TCM 100 Portable System

GI Industries

US Military Demonstrations

GI Industries
T62 Smooth Bore 115 mm

The bore was painted, but using a 120 grit bush we were able to remove this in 30 minutes. and bring the barrel back to a new condition.

GI Industries
T72 Smooth Bore 125 mm

The bore was in rusty state, had not been cleaned in many months. We used a 120 grit brush; and in a few in minutes removed the rust.