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Barrel & Bore Inspection Systems

The Barrel & Bore Laser Measurement System is designed to provide a detailed view of the condition of the insides of Tank Barrels, Mortars, Cannons and Artillery Tubes.

The system allows you to measure the condition of all smooth bore and rifled barrel surfaces. For all Calibers 20 mm – 175 mm. The system is easy to assemble and use. All systems are provided in a Mil Spec case and are rugged and field proven for deployment.

Uno Smooth Bore System 80 mm to 155 mm

Large Bore Inspection System 76 mm to 240 mm

Medium Bore Inspection System 30 mm to 75 mm

Small Bore Inspection System 15 mm to 40 mm

GI Industries

Military Barrel & Bore Series

Our Barrel & Bore Cleaning systems expertise are built on decades of high-quality manufacturing, innovative design and advanced research and development capabilities to provide our customers with the “Best Value” combat barrel cleaning solutions available today.

The most versatile barrel & bore cleaning system available today. The GI 3000P Series makes barrel maintenance easier to carry out.
Calibers Cleaned 20 mm To 240 mm

Onsite US Military Demonstrations

Cleaning T62 Smooth Bore 115 mm

Cleaning T72 Smooth Bore 125 mm

Cleaning .50 Cal Barrels

GI Industries

TCM 5000 Merlin System

Using GI Machines
A few locations we have used GI Equipment, with out the restrictions of power supply or weight problems.
Our machines work from a standard 13 amp plug, and weight from 20 kgs to 40 Kgs.

Our Local Brazilian Agent Rodrigo Loksan from
Carrying out local training to company

Where Can You Use GI Machines !

Using GI Machines
Our machines are totally portable and palatable to may situations, you are not restricted by weight or power supply.

Loksan Brazil Training 2019

TCM 5001
Training Brazil 2019

Loksan Cleaning Drains Brazil 2019

TCM 5001
Cleaning Drains 2019

PDIS Inspection Video System

PDIS Camera
Inspection Pictures

GI Industries

TCM 3000 Wizard Machine

Cleaning Steel Pipe 100 mm

With TCM 3000 Wizard
SAB 400 120 Grit

GI Industries

Ducting & Galley Cleaning

Showing before and after pictures

Ducting & Galley Cleaning

GI Industries 

Chiller and Tube Series

Methanex Chemical Plant Egypt

Using TCM 2000 Heavy Duty System
Also shown TCM 100 Portable System