Flex Shaft Air And Water Flushing

Flex Shaft Air And Water Flushing
How It Works

GI Industries Pipe  & Drain Systems, you can bore holes through sludge and debris (Dia: 1/2 inch up to 24 inches).
With our Unique Air or Water flushing feature, you can flush the debris out of pipes as effectively as a water jet machine.

Flushing Options

  • Water Flushing

The GI machines feeds water through the flexible shaft, to the cleaning tool, flushing out deposits as they are loosened.
Moves debris out Faster, and keeps Tooling cool.

  • Air Flushing

The GI machines feeds compressed air through the flexible shaft, to the cleaning tool, flushing / blowing out deposits as they are loosened.
Moves debris out Faster.

  • Tooling Stuck / Pipe Blockage Flushing

Our machines also have a Neutral position. What this enables you to do, is this put machine into natural.
When you press the footswitch the shaft / brush will not rotate.
This action opens the value, water or air will go through the machine.
This gives you a chance, to unblock the tool, or help flush the debris away.
With blockages, sometimes air pressure works better. In these situations, a trial and experimental approach is needed.

Stubborn Fouling

When cleaning pipes / drains with heavy fouling like Plaster, Cement or Concrete, the water flushing option is recommended and advised.

Maximum Pressure / Water Flow

Water Volume: Standard tap / normal faucet pressure 2.2 gallons per minute.
Optional Water Pressure: 10 Bar or 150 pounds per square inch.
Compressed Air Pressure: 10 Bar or 150 pounds per square inch.

Bi-Directional Shafts

GI Industries flexible shafts are truly Bidirectional, This mean you can clean in both Forward and Reverse motion.

  1. Forward for drilling.
  2. Reverse for polishing.
  3. Neutral for dislodging.
Water Flushing With Standard Tap / Faucet Pressure. Can Be Pressurized Up To 150 PSI

Pipe Drain Machines
Control Panel


GI Pipe Drain Machine Side Panel Description
The side panel on the TCM 5000 Merlin and the TCM 6000 Warlock are identical.
TCM 3000 Wizard, works on the same principle, even though layout is slightly different.
Highlighted Section Description
Highlighted section showing the following items.

  1. Water or Air connection.
  2. Flexible Shaft connection.
Highlighted Section Description
Highlighted sections showing following controls

  1. Forward Switch.
  2. Reverse Switch.
  3. Off  Position is Neutral.
    Flexible shaft will not rotate, and tooling / brush will not turn.
    This position for unblockages.

Flexible Shaft

Flexible Shaft Description
Once you connect the water, The water is carried between the orange nylon casing and the metal core.
This is automatically done by starting the machine.
Shaft Diffuser Description
The flexible shafts have a metal diffuser, that is fitted behind the tooling.
Diffuser Working Description
Once the water hits the diffuser, you get 360 coverage.
Cleans all parts of the pipe or drain, and as you brush it flushes away the debris.
This also has a cooling effect on the actual shaft and tooling.
If you are removing heavy solid debris, your tool will not blunt / burn or heat up.
Shaft & Water In Operation