Commercial & Hazardous Vacuum Cleaners

Commercial Hepa Vacuums
 Hi Flow- Hazardous – Negative Air – Pipe Drain – Wet & Dry

A Choice of Six Models, All With Certified HEPA Filtration, Making These Hepa Vacuums Ideal For Commercial & Professional Use.

Hepa Vacuums

Vac 605 HEPA Vacuum
Backpack HEPA Vacuum

The new and improved Backpack HEPA Vacuum Model 605 is the most cost effective solution for quick and efficient cleaning.

The 605 Backpack HEPA Vacuum offers superior filtration in a compact package. It is easy to carry an ideal for critical Cleaning in areas where using a large HEPA vacuum would be difficult. The unit produces a static water lift of 88″ and an air Displacement of 95 CFM.

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Vac 615 HEPA Vacuum with Drum and Dolly
Wet & Dry Hazardous Waste

Hazardous waste vacuum cleaners feature a 3-stage filtration system, which is designed for unusually fine dust commonly found in hazardous substances including lead an asbestos.

The Vac 615 Wet & Dry HEPA Vacuum is the unit of choice for commercial dry-only fine particle recovery applications. It produces a lift of 110″ and an air displacement of 115 CFM.

It features a three stage filtration system that delivers 99.97% filtration at 0.3 microns! Also offers a full assortment of accessories tackle a wide range of applications.

When proper clean-up is an absolutely necessity, the Vac 615 is the perfect choice.

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Dry Vacuum Hazardous Waste

Vac 615D HEPA Vacuum with Drum and Dolly
Dry Hazardous Waste

Specifically designed to meet stringent requirements of industries where it is necessary to vacuum dust that could constitute a health hazard.

The Vac 615D Dry Hepa Vacuum are ideal suited for hazardous applications involving asbestos. Engineered for dusty environments that require regular cleaning, the HEPA filter is designed with high capacity in mind.

Ordinary vacuums can clog up quickly in environments with an abundance of dust or particulates. An economical, easily maintained pre-filter stops larger particles of debris while the HEPA filter handles smaller matter.

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DCM 5000
Commercial Hepa Vacuum
Hi Flow Machine/ Negative Air

DCM 5000 is the ultimate commercial negative air vacuum solution for the cleaning of Duct and HVAC systems.

The negative pressure generated in the air ducts captures any particle inside them. The different stages of filtering will retain all these particles, decanting them by their thickness in the different modules.

The DCM 5000 commercial vacuum is made for removing deposits in HVAC ducts, ventilation, and other internal ducts. It features a large storage tank, (2)1.5HP. 115volt electric motor, 5000 CFM, a HEPA filter rated at 99.97%

Hi Flow Commercial

When you need a negative air pressure vacuum to clean ductwork look no further than the GI DCM 5000 high flow duct vacuum. This powerful 5,000 CFM negative air machine gives you the power of a duct truck in a portable format, quickly removes dust, dirt, and debris agitated by duct cleaning.

Air Scrubber

In situations of fire damage this machine can purify the air and remove all Air Borne Particles that are considered hazardous to your health.

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DCM 345
Hepa Vacuum

Designed to clear larger diameter drain and sewer pipes from 2 to 6 inches.  The DCM 345 retrieve chunks of debris and other solid objects from pipes.

Enjoy the versatility of wet or dry performance. The DCM 345 HEPA Wet-Dry Industrial Vacuum is the safe solution for fine particle recovery applications. Equipped with a triple motor power, the DCM 345 HEPA produces a static water lift of 88 inches (2.23m) and an air displacement of 400 CFM (11.32 m3/min).

Duct Hvac 

A powerful triple motor duct and vent cleaning vacuum, vacuum. HEPA cartridge filters and clever modular design make this versatile duct and hvac cleaning system a great choice for any duct vent cleaning job. The triple vacuum motors pull up to 400 CFM back through the hose into the module disposable vacuum bag.

Pipe Drain Sewer

We have adapted the DCM 345S  to use in pipes drains and sewers with optional dump valve. Hose available in 50 ft lengths.

How to Clean Pipes

Using the GI Pipe Drain Sewer Machinesattach the flexible shaft to the vacuum hose. Insert both into the pipe, the flexible shaft will grind, descale and clean the pipe while the DCM 345S removes water, moisture, scaling and debris at the same time leaving the pipe ready for resurfacing.

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Vac 606Q HEPA Vacuum
Quiet Industrial HEPA Vacuum

The 606Q heavy duty vacuum cleaner: high-efficiency motors and patented ultra-silent technology. For professional, commercial and industrial cleaning.

The Vac 606Q an excellent vacuum solution for use in both commercial and residential environments, Excellent for Low Noise Environments. The Vac 606Q is our most innovative vacuum cleaner that combines low noise, clean exhaust air and suction performance with a European made appearance, in an ultra-compact design.

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Vac 100 & Vac 200
Wet and Dry Vacuum

Industrial Wet and Dry Vacuum Cleaner with HEPA 13 Filtration for Commercial & Professional Use

The Vac 100 is ideally suited for both wet and dry collection of dust and debris. A 15-gallon collection container and efficient motor ensure minimal maintenance upkeep. Once the tank is full requires to be manually emptied.

The Vac 200 is the same Rugged and powerful model as the Vac 100, but has the optional automatic discharge wet vacuum. The Machine will automatically discharge collected water.

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