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Military Barrel & Bore Brushes
Calibers 5.56 mm to 240 mm
Smooth Bore Or Rifled Barrel

GI Industries the Military Largest Supplier of Gun Barrel & Bore Cleaning Brushes. We Stock from 5.56 mm to 240 mm.
Small Arms Weapons, Large Barrel & Bore, Smooth Bore and Rifled Barrels.

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Small Arms Cleaning Brushes (SACB)
Silicon Carbide Brush
5.56 mm to 15.2 mm

Small Arms Cleaning Brush

The SACB Series is a resilient, flexible honing brush with a soft cutting action. Whether it’s cleaning or polishing a weapon barrel. The SACB brush will provide a superior surface finish with a crosshatched pattern. Guaranteed  to remove the ceramic layer and all firing residues.

Small Arms Brush Series

  • SACB Series Cleaning Brushes 120 Grit
    Removes all firing residue, including copper, carbon lead and plastic.
  • SAPB Series Polishing Brushes 180 Grit
    Polish and Fine tune your barrel, remove scratches or fine marks.
  • SAMB Series Cotton Swab Mop Brush
    They are made of the highest quality construction possible.

Will remove all firing residues, including carbon and copper, including the Carbon Ring.
Ideally suited for use in .50 BMG / M82A1, / M107A1 / M2 type barrels.

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Data Sheet Military Brushes Small Arms Brushes

Small Arms Cleaning Brush 120 Grit

Item Type Calibers Free Military Quote 
SACB Brushes Small Arms Cleaning 5.56 mm to 15.2 mm

Small Arms Polishing Brush 180 Grit

Item Type Calibers Free Military Quote 
SAPB Brushes Small Arms Polishing 5.56 mm to 15.2 mm

Small Arms Mop Brush Cotton Lint Free

Type Calibers Free Military Quote 
SAMB Brushes Swab Mop Brush 5.56 mm to 15.2 mm

Cleaning Smooth Bore
CSB Series 120 Grit
20 mm to 240 mm

Smooth Bore Brush

The (CSB) Cleaning Smooth Bore Brush is a resilient flexible brush with a soft action. Its unique construction allows the abrasive balls or stones to float assuring the brush will be self-aligning and self-centering to the tank or artillery bore and self-compensating for wear.

Smooth Bore Brushes 120 Grit

Cleaning Brushes
Within a few minutes the barrel will be copper free and spotless.
We use a 120 Grit Brush, this removes all propellant & firing residues.
Ideal for removing heavy deposit from tank barrels and artillery bores.

Polishing Brushes
Restores barrel or bore to white glove inspection level.
We use a 180 Grit Brush, this helps smooth out all the imperfections.
Will remove all your barrel imperfections, polish your barrel like new.

Pitting & Corrosion
Using the silicon carbide brushes will remove all your barrel imperfections including light pitting and rust.
Chemicals or Solvents are No Good in these situations, All you will do is spend money and waste valuable time.
The best way to handle the effects of pitting? Don’t let it happen in the first place! Use a GI Barrel Bore Cleaning Systems.

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Data Sheet Military Brushes Smooth Bore Brushes
Item Type Calibers Free Military Quote 
CSB Brushes Smooth Bore Cleaning 20 mm to 240 mm

Cleaning Rifled Barrels
CRB Series
20 mm to 240 mm

Rifled Barrel Brush

GI Industries have adapted our Cleaning Smooth Bore Brush and fitted it with solid brass segment that cleans right down into the Grooves, for all Rifled Barrels.

Rifled Barrel Brushes
Silicon & Brass

Rifled Cleaning Brush
Brass Segment cleans the Grooves part of the barrel.
We use a 120 Grit Brush, this removes all fouling on the Lans.

Enhanced Cleaning
The GI rifled brushes make uniform contact with the all parts of the gun barrel;(Lans & Grooves).

Dual Action
Bi-directional cleaning.
Forward for cleaning and reverse for polishing.

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Data Sheet Military Brushes Rifled Barrel Brushes
Item Type Calibers Free Military Quote 
CRB Brushes Rifled Barrel Cleaning 20 mm to 240 mm

Swab Mop Brushes
SMB Cotton Series
20 mm to 240 mm

Swab Mop Brush

GI Industries cotton swab brush, Can be used for either removing excess fouling from the bore after cleaning. Or to apply the barrel protection lubricants for storage.

  • Depleted Uranium Rounds

In the case of any barrel firing DU rounds we recommend, using the Hepa Vac for safety reasons.

DU used in US munitions has 60% of the radioactivity of natural uranium. Trace transuranics (another indicator of the use of reprocessed material) have been reported to be present in some US tank armour.

Do not breathe in toxic fumes or fouling from bore cleaning. The gases released by the pyrophoric nature of the rounds. And they are mildly radioactive, which

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Data Sheet Military Brushes Cotton Mop Brush
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SMB Brushes Mop or Oil Barrel 20 mm to 240 mm

Antec Weapons Cloth
Small Arms Weapons
Large Bore Barrels

Where meticulous and virtually lint-free cleaning is important – eg small or large barrel bores – night vision, sights, optical equipment, engine rebuilds – polishing, etc. Its finely apertured surface efficiently collects dirt and residue – with high absorption and high resistance to scuffing.

On Challenger 2 gun barrel cleaning since 1999 and fully tested. Ideal for a host of other demanding tasks where exceptional cleaning and a lint-free surface is required.

For the meticulous barrel cleaning of all small arms, tanks and larger guns alike.

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Antec Cloth Weapons Cleaning Lint Free


Item Type Sizes Free Military Quote 
Antec Cloth Small Arms
Large Bore
10 x 20 cm x 50 mtr
32 x 40 cm x 50 mtr
Small Arms Large Bore Sizes
Small Arms 750 perforated patches per roll.
Large Bore 500 perforated patches per roll